Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday is sun day

Good evening from a warm South Africa! 

Last week was very relaxing as I was on leave. I've spent a lot of time reading (and sleeping, but mostly reading) and exploring Sedgefield. I've located the post office, some nice shops and also went to the beach. The walk from base to the beach took nearly two hours but as I took the road over the top of the hill, I got to see the layout of Sedgefield from 'the sky'. The beach was also really lovely and the sea only slightly warmer than it would be back in Scotland.

Talitha, Scott and the other instructors arrived back from Potchefstroom on Saturday night so it was really good to see them all again. Yesterday (Sunday) was spent doing our washing and we now have pegs to hang our clothes with so they can't blow away anymore! I've already lost one sock to the wind. We then took a walk to the market which was open as there was a kite festival happening (luckily it was super windy). It cost us R20 to enter - which is just over a pound - and we soon realised that the stalls were exactly the same as what the usual market has... which is free to enter... at least the money went to a good cause!

We made use of the free wifi to organise what we'll be doing for Christmas. We've managed to find a bus company and sonewhere to stay when we travel to Cape Town, where we'll spend Christmas and New Years with the other South Africa volunteers as well as the volunteers from Botswana and Namibia. Most of us are going to a concert on the 31st in the botanical gardens, so we've been listening (and not actually listening) to Jeremy Loops, who's playing the concert, to learn the songs.

Today was the start of what's going to be a very hot week. Summer is well and truly on its way! After doing some maintenance around base we started our water LOC's. It's exciting to be gaining these as it means we're one step closer to supporting water activities during courses.

In some other news and to explain some of the pictures, we ate a water melon named Bob, another tortoise walked through base - we named him Tom. We also found better curtains for our room, so we washed them and put them up. You wouldn't believe how excited we were hanging curtains. Like, seriously, we're so happy that we can sleep in the dark and not wake up when the sun rises.


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  1. Hi Rachel, Gran has just discovered your blog and pics. Tom the tortoise looks very friendly.You are well organised for festivities sounds interesting!Looking forward to your next blog Rachel. Love and hugs Granny xx